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Digital marketing in the twenty-teens has a daunting number of components businesses have to develop strategies for dealing with. You have to have a social media strategy, a mobile strategy, and a standout website optimized for search. Behind the scenes, you have to make decisions about content management systems, establish a process for sifting through analytics, and set up workflows for nurturing leads. As easy as it is to be overwhelmed by all the gadgets and all the emerging channels for reaching customers, there is one element of your digital marketing strategy that has to be nailed down before any of the others can even have a chance of working for you. Mastering all the platforms and channels won’t do you any good if you don’t have a process in place for creating quality content. Best digital marketing agency India, USA, Australia, Dubai. Trusted for SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Brand Management services by over 100 top brands. Find out why.

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What Is Quality Content Exactly?

Quality content is media material that has value to your potential customers and is easy for them to find. That second part is where things like keywords in the titles, URLs, and headings come in, along with share options for various social platforms and targeted emails. But if your blog post, podcast, video, white paper, or e-book has no value to consumers they’re not going to search for it or share it anyway. So what does it mean for content to have value? And how do you go about creating content that’s valuable to your potential customers?

Know Who Your Potential Customers Are and Answer Their Questions

Most businesses hate the idea of leaving anyone at all out of their sales efforts. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your content is trying to be all things to all people. So at some point you have to ask yourself who you’re targeting with your materials. Once you know who your content is for, then you can move on to asking what challenges, concerns, desires, or problems might make them interested in your business’s products or services. From this point, you can begin to imagine the kinds of titles and links your potential customers will be the most likely to click on.

The practical steps to take to learn about your customers may involve sitting down with your salespeople to talk about what challenges and questions past customers have brought to them. You can also learn a lot from analytics. At some point, you may even what to hold focus groups or conduct online surveys. A simple shortcut, however, is to go to forums that discuss topics associated with your industry and see what kinds of questions people are asking. If someone’s asking questions about a product, it’s likely they’re thinking about buying it. And if they’re posting the question on a forum like Quora, they’re likely searching for it on Google too, and even keeping an eye out for links in their social media feeds.


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Small improvements to your webpage, such as adding easily accessible social media links, or starting a newsletter/mailing list for dedicated fans, can drastically increase your website’s popularity.

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4 Reasons Why the Pet Industry Has Gone For Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Company Have Helped Thousands Of Companies Grow Their Revenues Online by  Content Marketing & Social Promotion, Standard, Video & Mobile Advertising, SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Design with Latest Responsive and Parallax effects Call us on +91- 8096161616 or visit

The Internet has helped animal lovers really go wild — the Lolcats meme and the recent cat breading trend are two major examples of the social consumer’s craving for fluffy news and entertainment.

But beyond leisurely (or shall we say, leash-urely) consuming pet content on the web, there’s also a new breed of marketing geared toward the realm of petcare. Brands are making a concerted effort to engage on social platforms, create useful apps and offer up hot new pet supplies for their animal-loving fans. Some brands and enthusiastic individuals even meet up at the annualBarkWorld conference, a gathering of social media savvy pet lovers for “petworking.”

Here’s a look at a few ways in which digital marketing has gone to the dogs.

1. Subscription Services

Following the footsteps of hot brands Netflix and Birchbox, the pet industry has adopted subscription models.

BarkBox was launched at the “tail end of November” by dog owners Matt Meeker, Carly Strife and Henrik Werdelin. Much like Birchbox, the focus is on product discovery. “We’re bringing homemade, all-natural treats and other high-quality products in each box — things you can’t find at the typical big-box pet store,” says Strife. And Barkbox gives back, donating a portion of profits to a rescue or shelter. The young startup is not releasing any numbers, but Strife says they’ve had a 100% retention rate, and many people who received BarkBox as a gift during the holidays have signed up for subscriptions.

Not into surprise and delight? You can get the things you know you need atPetflow. Now two years old, PetFlow offers more than 100 pet brands and ships more than 600,000 pounds of pet food each month. The company was founded on the premise that customers should never have to run out of pet food — or have to lug home an economy-size bag of kibble. The site’s “auto-replenishment” system allows customers to save time and money via automatic delivery, whereby they can receive their favorite pet products right at their door every two to 16 weeks, at the interval of their choosing.

2. Brands Going Social

Ecommerce Engagement:, the pet counterpart of, has a “Mascot of the Week” contest on its Facebook Page. Wag’s 15,000 fans are highly engaged, eagerly responding to polls, submitting responses to photo caption contests and posting viral pet content from Buzzfeed. And for every new fan it acquires, will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to Best Friends Animal Society.

Clever Use of Platforms: Last year, we told you about GranataPet Food’s campaign that used the Foursquare API in 10 billboards in Munich and Berlin; when a user checked in to the billboard on Foursquare, it “dispensed” dog food into a bowl on the ground for pups passing by. Dominik Heinrich, innovation director at Die Zietspringer agency, says the creative activation helped Munich pet stores sell 28% more GranataPet during and 10 days after the campaign than prior to it.

Going Social for Charity: Last June, Pedigree donated one pound of dog food to a shelter for every Like, post or tweet about its “Every Dog Deserves…” campaign. By the end of June, 100,000 pounds had been donated. The social good campaign was a more mainstream revival of its 2010 “Write a Post, Help a Dog” campaign, for which Pedigree donated dog food for every blog post about its pet adoption program.

3. High-Tech Pet Care

Veterinarians are taking a cue from the electronic health records movement and digitizing pet records.

“A lot of practices now, especially in [New York City], all have more or less gone to digital records,” says veterinarian Dr. Charles Berk. “There are no more paper charts, everything is computerized, even X-rays are digital.” The reason? Aside from eliminating the risk of losing charts, it’s also really convenient for pet owners to be able to access their pet’s medical history online and on-the-go.

And from healthcare to day care, even doggy day care venues are going high tech. Realizing that it can be tough for an owner to be separated from his pooch all day, companies like Spot in New York and DayPaws in Orlando enabled webcams so you can steal a glance at your pup to ensure he’s playing well with others and getting a good dose of playtime in between naps.

4. There’s an App for That

Realizing that pet owners are often out and about, developers have come out with a slew of apps for pet lovers.

  • DoggyDatez is a location-based mobile platform for finding new friends — human and canine alike — while walking your dog. You can “mark a territory” and then see who’s passed through and sniff them out, just like pups do.
  • Petcentric is an app from Purina that lets you locate pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks. There are also pet videos to keep you entertained while your pup’s at play.
  • Rate My Puppy is a dog version of Hot or Not. Upload a pic of your pet, and others will rate how cute he is.
  • MyPetED lets you carry your pet’s medical records and vet contact info on the go. The app costs $1.99, and is great for emergency room visits, travel and other instances when you need to pull up vaccination history on the fly.

How else are you seeing pet brands go digital? Let us know in the comments.

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The Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company based in Cambridge, Mass., that makes a full platform of marketing software, including social media management tools.

Difference Between Marketing, Branding, PR and Advertising – Digital Marketing Company Website designing Company, Seo firm, e-commerce Web Application Development Company ,DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY, Mobile Apps development, Internet Marketing, Online Reputation Management.
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Marketing, PR, branding and advertising work to build, maintain and support a company’s public reputation. All these efforts help an organization to gain new customers.

Have a look at this cool visual representation, created by KOL Limited, which highlights the difference between marketing, pr, branding and advertising.

Difference Between Marketing, Branding, PR and Advertising

BBC News – Indian papers highlight social medias role in Kashmir flood rescue

10 September 2014 Last updated at 06:12 GMT Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Indian papers highlight social media’s role in Kashmir flood rescue The army has scaled up its rescue work as flood waters recede

Media in India are highlighting the role of social media websites in reaching out to people stranded in the flood-hit parts of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Around 200 people have died since last week in the worst floods to have hit the state in decades.

More than 400,000 people are still stranded in the affected areas as rescue efforts continue on Wednesday.

Papers say the floods have caused massive damages to communication and road infrastructure, making it difficult for rescue teams to reach out to those marooned in remote areas

In the absence of phone lines and power supply, social media updates from outside and inside the state are playing a major role in tracing people trapped in the flood-hit areas.

Kashmiris living in other parts of India are posting details about their stranded relatives on various flood-related social media accounts.

“Social media plugs disaster mgmt [management] holes,” reads a banner headline in the Hindustan Times.

The paper says social media has become the “most reliable” tool to inform rescue teams about the location of the stranded people.

“Facebook and Twitter have served as sounding boards for panic-stricken people desperate for information,” it adds.

The Indian army is also using the social media to save the lives of people.

The army is passing on messages received on its website, Facebook page and Twitter handle to senior commanders on a WhatsApp group who then forward them to ground troops, the DNA newspaper reports.

The army’s Facebook page is giving regular updates on its rescue operation in the state

The troops rescued a pregnant woman stranded on the third floor of a building in Srinagar through “distress calls” received on WhatsApp and Facebook, it adds.

Officials at the National Disaster Response Force also said that they had been able to reach out to people through social media.

Rescue officials said they have received over 450 distress messages in the last two days through WhatsApp and text messages from people stranded in various parts of Kashmir, the NDTV website reports.

From Wednesday, people can also use a Google application to find out the status of missing persons, the CNN-IBN website reports.

The application, called “Person Finder”, will allow people to post and search the whereabouts of their relatives or friends affected by the disaster, it adds.

Poll impact

Meanwhile, papers feel the state administration’s “unpreparedness” in dealing with the crisis may have an impact on the assembly elections scheduled for later this year.

“With the assembly elections round the corner, any deficiency in confronting this challenge will not go down well with the voters. Hopefully, the under-performing Omar Abdullah government is aware of this reality,” says an editorial in the Hindustan Times.

The Deccan Herald echoes similar sentiments.

“In a few months from now, Jammu and Kashmir will go to the polls. Political parties will be tempted to use the issue of the rescue/relief efforts to score points over their rivals. Politicising a calamity is in poor taste and parties need to refrain from dividing people on the question of relief measures,” it says.

BBC Monitoring reports and analyses news from TV, radio, web and print media around the world. For more reports from BBC Monitoring, click here. You can follow BBC Monitoring on Twitter and Facebook.

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Budweiser Lets You Buy Beer for Your Facebook Friends – Digital Marketing Company

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Brands have been testing social commerce for quite some time, despite the fact that initiatives have been notoriously slow to catch on. Now, Budweiser is getting into the game with the launch of two programs called Bud Light Birthday and Buds for Buds today.

The Anheuser Busch-owned brand and agency AKQA are rolling out the pilot programs in Denver and Chicago that will soon be launched nationally.

Bud Light Birthday lets Facebook users dole out free vouchers for Budweiser or Bud Light to of-age consumers on their birthdays. Buds for Buds is aimed at celebrating other types of special occasions and uses credit card information to let consumers buy a voucher priced at $4.50-$6. To send the gifts, Facebook users fill out an online form with their friend’s information.

After a gift is sent, recipients can click through on posts to a link to redeem the offer. Showing a mobile device with the link pulled up (along with an ID) at bars’ point-of-sale will get drinkers a gratis Budweiser or Bud Light.

Bud Light’s Facebook campaign is an interesting departure from the number of brands experimenting with commerce on Twitter.

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out a universal ‘Buy’ button that marketers can employ to drive sales from tweets. Starbucks and Coca-Cola have also tried Twitter gifting with programs that let users send others small gifts.

But for Bud Light, Facebook has a significantly bigger audience. The brand has roughly 106,000 followers on Twitter compared to more than seven million on Facebook. Per Bud Light, its “Puppy Love” Super Bowl ad was the most shared ad on Facebook, churning out 1.3 million shares.

Top 6 Moments At Apple’s iPhone 6 Event – Mobile Commerce Software, M-Commerce Solutions by



Parmy Olson and Ewan Spence discuss the recent Apple product showcase in Cupertino, where Apple unveiled two larger iPhone 6s, its first smart watch and a new mobile payments system.

Mobile commerce

Extend the brand experience to mobile devices

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, has dramatically changed the dynamic between buyer and seller. In the new digital “always connected” age, customers want to feel empowered to use mobile technologies to make the shopping experience easier and more pleasurable-whenever and wherever they choose to shop. And with tablet sales taking off, customers today have a choice of mobile form factors and technologies to leverage.

Our mobile commerce solution can enable your company to quickly adopt mobile as a new selling channel while seamlessly leveraging the power of personalized marketing and extending the power and reach of your brand. With mobile and tablet starter stores and reference applications, you can quickly take full advantage of smartphone and tablet browsers and touchscreens to deliver an optimized mobile shopping experience. Combined with location-based marketing, you can personalize the mobile shopping experience like never before.

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Guide to perfect your Social media Profile – Digital Marketing Company USA, India

YOURNEEDS.ASIA Digital Marketing Company India, specialized in the Outsourcing of  Digital Marketing Services, Social media Marketing and E-Commerce seo services  for European, US, Australian and Asian Businesses and Startups.

Present days, your social profile is like your other face. It’s the characteristics tag for everything you do and everyone you stumble upon in the online world. Whether you’r trying to run a business, plans an event, promote a passion project, or just make friends, a finely-tuned social profile is the cornerstone of this endeavor.   This infographic provides a guide for perfecting your social profile on all the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Each site has its own quirks and etiquette, so there are many variables to take into account when customizing your online persona. We offer tips on everything from placement, to sizing, to linking to other pages.   By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you’ll be a social media expert.